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    gases which damage the environment and us severely However advancement in science and technology has also created the convenience that we have now such as cars trains planes and buses Without these services most of us would spend most of our time travelling with animals which takes a much longer period of time Therefore there is a consequence in every action 4 Globalisation is a way to bring people from all around the world into one connection and banner Governments usually use globalization to increase profits for their company by opening new branches all around the world Many forests have been destroyed due to this actions taken by the government as money is the first thing that comes into their mind However this steady income will not last long if governments continue doing such action as Earth had limited resources Therefore it will be wise for governments to think about the future and generations ahead Governments can use globalization to unite people in an attempt to save the Earth jenloong 1 i agree that mass media does play an important part to encorage people to save the earth as people nowadays depend greatly on the internet and television From my personal view i feel that the television would be able to influence people to go green as its very common to see advertisment about being environmental friendly etc 2 I do not agree to this because there are always some black sheeps among us perhaps they may be the one of those that are not concern with the environmental issue that we are facing now However some youths who are concern about the environmental issues will try to reduce they use of plastic bags As for me i will try to say no to plastic bags when i do not need it If everyone saved one plastic bag per day we can save alot of plastic bags D 3 I do not agree to this because the recent inventions of appliances like fridge and television all comes with the energy saving features Looking at the recent technological improvement for transport the new cars nowadays are hydrid with soem running on natural gas CNG or even electrical powered All this inventions leads to the reduction of the use of fossil fuels Thus the advancement in Science and technolody had actually lead to the reduction of power consumption 4 yes i agree The main motive in all the people are to earn more money from the consumers that purchase their so called envuronmentally friendly product during there seminars or fairs As globalisation starts the industrial revolution it will then directly start the increasing production of greenhouse gases wangzhaorui 1 I agree with that the mass media does play a role in saving the earth People will not take actions until they realize the problem Many programs and advertisement tell us what environmental issues in the earth I think many advertisements promote the awareness of saving the earth Do not let your tear be the last drop of water in Earth tell us to save the precious water There are so many advertisements like that So I think the mass media really play a role to save the world 2 The youth today do not concern the environment problems at all They do not have the awareness of saving the world I think this is the responsibility of the school and parents They should give more knowledge about the environmental issues to the children 3 The advanced technology and science do not promote increased power consumption Nobody can deny the laptops we used everyday consume a lot of electricity and the private cars use lots of petrol But the technology is also able to save power even find new ways of generating more power For example the Three Gorges Dam is built to generate electricity Wind energy tidal energy geothermal energy and even nuclear energy cannot be used by people without the advanced technology and science 4 The globalization never bring people together in the attempt to save the earth Because of globalization the develop countries set factories in developing countries for the cheaper labors and land The most important aim is to avoid environmental pollution of their 0on country The developing countries are unable to invest money in improving the environment As a result the developing countries get polluted We live in the same earth once no matter which country is polluted the whole world will be polluted eventually So I think globalization make saving the earth more difficult jason 1 Yes I agree to a large extent that the mass media has played its part in enouraging people to save the earth by broadcasting its programes with green themes and the countless adverts and posters that can seen There are even messages found on the internet or newspaper urging people to save the earth 2 I disagree that the youth of today have no conern for environmental issues as the mass media is constantly showing ways to be environmentally friendly and giving advice on how we can help reduce environmental issues by means of songs that have lyrics based on environmental issues and tv advertisments which play constantly abut how to save the earth This would create awareness for the youths of today and most of us are already playing our part in keeping the earth clean and green 3 I agree to a certain extent As there are more advances in science and technology more and more electronic equipment are being produced or used and this increases the power consumption tremendously Almost everyone has a form of electronic equipment with them this shows that technology is integrated into a part of out life and all this technology requires power While reports show that global energy consumption is increasing year by year there are also advances in making sure that all this technology would become more energy efficient as can been seen with all the research and development companies have invested into their products making them cleaner and more energy saving 4 I disagree that globalisation does not bring people together in an attempt to save the world As environmental issues like global warming become a greater threat to our planet More and more are being done with joint efforts from countries to tackle this kind of problem Agencies like WWF and Global Environment Facility have the participation of many countries actively doing their part by keeping earth clean and green and reducing emissions anglijie93 1 yes I do agree that mass media does play its part to encourage people to save the earth as people nowadays depend greatly on mass media Thus it is a good way to play a part in letting more people to know about the environment issues and to save the world Sources like Internet newspaper radio network and technology which is most people everyday life not only spread about this environment issues greatly but effectively to more people 2 I agree in certain extent that youth of today have no concern for environmental issues Youth today take things for granted thinking that what they are having now is what they suppose to have They only care about themselves so how can they even bother about the environment issue Even though they know about the issue will they bother to take action However saying that all youth today have no concern for environmental issues is too harsh and subjective There are also youth putting a lot of initiative by organising activities or campaign in helping with the environment and this also spread the message to more people not only youth about the important of sustaining and saving the Earth 3 Yes i agree that the advancement in Science and technology is linked to increased power concumption and making save the world more difficult As the more advance the science and technology the more demand of energy due to this technology from the people Thus more natural resouces are needed This indirectly causing made save the world more difficult I think that it is hard to stop people from using advance technology and create more advance technology too 4 I agree to a certain extent that Globalisation does not bring people together in an attempt to save the earth I think that this depend on the people whether they are concern or not concern about the globalisation People who are not concern about this issue definitely this won t bring them together to save the earth However the people who cares about this issue would get together easily can be due to advance technology and mass media eliaslky 1 I agree that mass media does play its part to encourage people to save the earth but it is not doing enough For example every year it advocates the importance of green day and sometimes there are performances from famous singers to promote green day But it is only just a day 2 There may be some who care and some who doesn t In my opinion most of the youths have no concern for environmental issues We are trying to save the earth and yet I see youths leaving rubbish and throwing litter everywhere and seem unbothered by it I believe many youths do know the gravity of the Earth s situation but still do nothing about it 3 No I do not agree People need science and technology to help save the earth The advancement in Science and technology may have increased power consumption but if we are able to just save the earth by sacrificing our earth will it not solve everything 4 Globalization describes a process by which regional economies societies and cultures have become integrated through a global network of communication transportation and trade It brings people together but it is debatable whether or not they save the earth We can use the people s skill from over the world but there are side effects of globalization e g burn up fossil fuels polluted air aziz17 1 Mass media can be very good source to influence people mind and action Everyday people are watching listening reading mass media like television radio and newspaper I agree that mass media is playing a great part in encouraging people to save the earth Even young children know about the 3Rs and the importance of saving the earth This is an impact of mass media like television and newspapers Without the use of mass media very little people will know about the global event Earth day and very little people will be encouraged to participate in that event With the help of newspaper people all around the world are aware of pollution and oil spills happening in different country 2 I agree that youth of today have no concern for environmental issue This is because they are either self centred or they are not aware of the serious consequences if they do not conserve the environment The youth are occupied with other things like studies sports and games Another reason why youth have no concern over environmental issue is because they are influenced by their friends as it is very difficult to find a clique of friends who have concern about the environment 3 Although the advancement in science and technology may lead to increased power consumption they also have made more people to become aware of the environmental issues More people are trying their best to play a part in conserving the environment The advancement in technology educates people about the environmental issues through internet and news Through websites people are able to post learn and share different methods to conserve the environment Internet also helps to encourage more people to save the earth 4 I totally disagree with the statement In actual fact globalisation has bring people together to save the earth By the improvement of transportation and communication people can conduct conferences frequently In this conferences people from all over the world can participate and contribute ideas to save the earth Through the advancement in communication people can share their ideas about ways to save the earth through phone and internet quickly and easily Globalisation is the sole reason for the formation of various organisations like WWF to save the earth jingkai96 1 I agree that the mass media did play a part in encouraging people to save the earth Many advertisments are being broadcasted on television to encourage and educate people to save the earth Also with more people spending their free time watching television programmes the mass media will play a important part in encouragin people to save the earth 2 The youth of today have no concern for environmental issuses They are engrossed with social netwaork aush a Facebook and also computer games Schools also seldom promote on environmental issues youth are not known about the environmental issues 3 I agree to a small extent that advancement in science and technology did consume large amount of power and energy with advancement in science and technology more efficent and effective ways are being implemented to save energy such as solar panel and hydroelectricity 4 With global warming becoming a major concern to us globalisation has allow people to get together more ofthen to resolve this issue and thus attempting to save the earth amsyar 1 i agree with the statement because mass media is very accessible to everyone anywhere and at anytime through mass media the public are more aware of the several efforts people have made or have been making to save the earth such efforts include shows like live earth documentaries like the inconvenient truth and the age of stupid save the earth advertisements green movements like earth hour and much more with the presence of mass media i believe that people are more aware of earth s situation even though there are people who remain ignorant even so mass media should continue what they have been doing because it works people do tune in for live earth performances people do switch off their lights for earth hour people do watch documentaries in order to find out more to help earth and people do recycle things as much as possible so yes mass media do encourage people to save the earth 2 frankly speaking not all youths have no concern for environmental issues reason being there are youths who care about the environment and are active in green clubs or movements they are always trying to make the environment a better place to live in and for future generations if you observe properly there are alot of youths taking part in saving the earth group projects and several green movements on the other hand the statement is also true in which youths do not care about the environment trust me when i say caring about the environment is not the top priority for such youths these youths are into themselves more than they are into school or even the environment hence this is where schools play a part in encouraging youths to be active in the green movement and as a result being concern about the environment amsyar 3 i disagree because the progress in Science and technology has led Man to find alternative ways to meet their everyday power consumption Majority of the power consumption today are from fossil fuels They supply 86 of the world s energy and is expected to run out by 2050 Renewable energy is energy which comes form natural resources such as sunlight wind rain and geothermal heat Wind power is growing at the rate of 30 anually and are used in Europe Asia and the United States 4 i agree to a certain extend Globalisation does increase the awareness of global warming and enivronmental degradation within nations Since the world is becoming more and more accesible one is able to share his her green ideas with other people around the world shidong 1 Yes I do agree that the mass media does play its part encourage people to save the earth As majority of people living of earth depends on the mass media like the television or internet as a form of entertainment this is an effective form of education to the people This allows the mass media to tell the users about the issues on the environment and how we can help to preserve our planet 2 I do not agree that the youth of today have no concern for environmental issues Although youth of today take a lot of things for granted they still do spare a thought for the environment They are more willing to take part in environmental events to help preserve the beautiful planet they are living in so as to allow them and their future generation to lead a better life 3 I do not agree that advancement in Science and Technology is linked to increased power consumption and is making saving the earth more difficult Although scientists have made a lot comments on the environmental issues about the negative effects on the advancement they are still trying their best to improve on these technology trying to make it less harmful to the environment and the planet and more helpful to the society 4 I do not agree that globalisation does not bring people together Instead it is with the help of globalisation the bring people together faster than ever Globalisation means better transportation communication and technology This allows people from different countries to communicate each without steeping out of their homeland allowing them to share information with each other about their ideas and plans on how to save the environment and planet It by globalisation the unite people from all across the world to participate in a common goal to save mother Gaia muhd93 1 The mass media does play its part to encourage people to save the earth as it broadcast advertisements regarding the environment such as the campaign Saving Gaia which is a compilation of celebrities and them telling how the community can play its part in helping and conserving the environment Also Advertisements such as saving electricity or songs played on the media by the National environment agency instill the community with good habits and ways to protect our environment 2 The youth of today do concern about the environment as many day to day activities done by them are related in saving the environment For instance during their school days youths have to participate in activities that help or protect the environment like cleaning up beaches or parks and competitions such as recycling competition or Green idea competitions Also parents this days take the Initiative to educate their children to be eco friendly like switching of the lights when a room is not in use or separating recyclable items from the trash and other green habits 3 Yes I do agree as technology advances the demand to power up man s technology also rises Creation of machines with high technology advancement require more electricity consumption Also weapons created by science are not eco friendly at all instead the harm the environment more such as nuclear weapons The more science advances the more the saving the earth will be harder to achieve 4 Yes it does not bring people together in an attempt to save the earth as the more globalization takes place the more the human population increases and if the population increases demand for housing food comfort luxury also increases and if this demands increase it indirectly affects the environment and instead contradicts in saving he earth p1016260 1 I agree with the ideology that mass media now play an important role in influencing people to save the earth This is because green movements from around the world have even target popular social network such as Facebook to create awareness about their intentions This allows people from around the world to realize that the environment is in a drastic condition However it is still up to every individual whether they want to do their part in saving the earth 2 I agree to a certain extent that youth today have no concern for environmental issues There may be people who really go all out and want to save the earth but they may be influence by their friends who don t share the same perceptions Furthermore there are even people who participate in green competitions such as designing posters but they may not have the intention of spreading the message of saving the earth while for the sake of getting the prize or cash which is more tempting 3 Advancement in technology and science have its advantages and disadvantages Technology such as bulldozer have disadvantages to the environment as it leads to more trees being log and increases carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere On the contrary technology such as solar panels reduce power consumption by almost 80 For instance there are people in the United States who really go the extra mile by installing solar panels in their house It may costly to buy it but when you have the heart to go green you can DIY Do It Yourself it as there really people who does 4 I strongly disagree that globalisation does not bring people together in an attempt to save the earth Take for example the recent Copenhagen Climate Summit where 107 nations met and discuss about the environmental issues Without globalisation this event will not be possible R U Green The youth today do not care about the green movement What do you think By euniceeeeee on 19 May 2010 Comment Like Report 21 Comments raymond I disagree that youths today do not care about the green movement We do care about the green movement For example there is a advertisement on going green done by polytechnic students to promote going green itself and to help save the environment People are constantly going green by reusing products such as water bottles and plastic bags even projects were done through using recyclable materials So it is false to say that youth do not care about the green movement sharalyn i do not agree with that statement If we are not concern about the green movement then there will be no one attending all the green movement campaign and talk and we did do our part in the 3Rs like what we have learn from young we save and conserve paper water and other nature resources do not waste them and we did our best for the green movement so as to reserve enough nature resource for the next generation sophiapoh I agree that youth today do not care about green anymore Maybe one thinks that he or she is concern about going green but not everyone think the same way Some only have the thought of going green but they never do anything to show others at all They only expect someone else to do something to save the earth and doing nothing For example which youth bother to sort their rubbish before throwing it away We only know that all rubbish have to be thrown away into the bin and let someone else do the sorting job Everyone knows what the 3Rs are but not all are using the them kai I disagree with the statement above I think it is unfair to judge the youth without and research or solid prove Furthermore people should not judge the youth by a handful of youth they see on the street Personally I see youth stepping up by reusing plastic bags and container There are many schools in Singapore that have Environmental Club which are made up of youth Maybe the youth are just not taught on how much more they can go green if Singapore is like Japan when everybody go green I m sure that the youth will follow the movement Maybe the youth are just not doing enough however it is unfair to say that the youth do not care about the green movement Most schools do have Environmental Club as their CCA which are made up of youth members If the youth do not care not care why would they join landa Taking care of the green movement does not subject to any age group This issue relates to personal bringing up For example some might think that if they don t re use recycle other people will do the job so this thinking will lead them to being environmental unfriendly If there are friends who are very concern about green movement and they always bring the issue up to people around them their friends would be heavily influenced and the green movement issue will be very successful and those people who did neglect this issue will feel very guilty about it mabel No that not totally true From what i gather youth sometimes volunteer themselves to do social works like collecting newspaper plastic bottles and aluminium cans from neighborhood hood for recycle every month to month If they do not care about the environment why do they even bother to do those works Not only that they tried to promote going through what they can do like drawing posters designing flyer etc Only some small portion of youth do not really care but still its unfair to judge the rest of the youth that make their efforts to promote going green and do care about our environment and say they do not care elineytoy i do agree that the youths today don t care much about the going green movement More and more youths are taking up smoking which adds to the air pollution although they didn t mean to worsen the condition of our mother earth but indirectly they are destroying her There wasn t many times when we see youths go for voluntary work unless it was a compulsory thing planned by their schools therefore from the attitude we ve seen how can we still say that youth care even if they were to volunteer themselves i believe it was done out of reluctancy wawaudyn i agree that youths nowadays do not care about green movement Younger generation nowadays no time to bother all these green movement things What for bother all these green movement if the adults don t show a good example As days goes by for example more and more youths starts to smoke which cause air pollution Vehicle which driven by most adults also cause air pollution Even if how much they spent on media advertisement is going to be advertise in going green probably most of us wouldn t be bother What for wasting time participating volunteering if in the end some youth will say I ve got to many homework to do it will be a waste of time since in the end I did not gain anything You can t force a person to go green and so on elishalyx I think there are some youths who do care about the green movement But then there are also others who really do not care what the green movement is about For myself I do know that my actions do affect the environment but frankly i dont care maybe its because i cannot see the repercussions of my actions in the present but maybe i ll regret in the future liqi i agree in a certain extend most of the youth do seems look unconcern about the green movement however i believe even the smallest things that is done to reduce pollutions is a concern showed take for example we choose paper plates instead of plastics during a bbq or keeping the temperature for the air conditionals above 24 michelle I believe the youths today care about the green movement As in they believe or trick themselves into believing that they do care but in actual fact do they Maybe for this period they are throwing their rubbish in recycling bins or cutting down their usage of plastic bags containers bottles or so on However this is only because going green is in now Let s see if twenty years or so down the road when going green becomes old fashioned will they still go green so fervently Like for example expecting them to bring their own water bottles or lunch boxes everyday i don t believe they will do it so religiously because its not convenient Or will they walk to the water cooler whenever they are thirsty I don t think so coldpotato I thinks youth nowadays do aware and care of green movement As in public in school or at home there are always advertisment and recycled bin and talks which people do notice And there are people who sign up as volunteers to keep the world go green This shows that they are people who still care about go green nataliaazmi Hi elishalyx I beg to differ that the younger generation do not care about the environment in particularly going green By implying that the youth do not care is just a generalization You cannot make a statement that has not specified proof because not all youths are being irresponsible towards having a clean and green environment Going green is seemingly the buzzword nowadays and are being advertised via the media much more than a decade ago I believe there are many across the globe that are green advocates who will go all out to promote going green and doing their part We just haven t met such a person who enjoys helping to save the environment with their little actions Yet we are here making a statement that might indirectly causes misunderstanding Thus I am definitely not in favor to this statement In many ways whether by will or being forced we have been doing our part although it doesn t seem that big of an issue qocaly There are youth do not care about the green movement but not all Nowadays some teenagers do use their free time organise groups of people doing volunteer work If not schools also organise the programme for the youth Even though they are seems to be force to do after they done they would totally change their mind about it Just like myself When I was in sencondary also being forced to do At first I was not willing but I had no choice However after I done I was proud of myself because I had do a part that to save the environment harry l think more advertisements should be made in order to let them know the importance of this event and moreover school can also organise more events to let sutdents know about this concpet of this event however we can not force people to do something so it is going to take a while to save our enviroment since the youth are getting to know this going green nazama There are youths who DO care for the environment and there are youths who won t give a damn about the planet at all It s like this the ones who are educated and taught about helping the Earth while learning about the world will generally have a thought about going green The ones who don t care about society or the world on the whole will probably not think twice about throwing litter on the floor Sad fact nnadhirah oh no no I beg to differ I seriously think youth today are the one who made the most effort they may seem not to care But they did the most the adults may be the ones who seem to care the most but they re only pointing out to the youth they didn t bother much to think if its going to work all they do is wanting the youth to do it youths are the one putting up campaigns around the country and school recycling and reusing paper in school youths collect newspapers and plastic bottles to send to the recycling stations there are some youth that refuse to care and that maybe common but compare to those who care majority are making the effort some didn t bother because they didn t see the use of going green zacchaeus yup I agreed They do even give a damn about it cause they just care for themselves and not the world but we can stop this by putting up advertisements and such to promote going green and even giving talks to the youths kyle09lowcheesiang i agree Teenagers now a day only care about their study and play They don t really care about going green Inorder for teenagers to start care about going green they need to their parent and teacher to influence them when they are young debbie707tay Most youths are accepting the fact that the earth is dying out and they have to do something if not who will Most youths will go the extra mile to reuse reduce and recycle However youths being youths are subjected to laziness Youths that does not go green probably thinks that one person can only do so much how much can i do when others are not doing it Nevertheless only a minority of the youths doesn t care about going green It ll definitely take more efforts from youths in going green to save the earth Actually i think the older generation is less accepting of the idea of going green Perhaps they have lived here longer than we have and do not find a need to go green as nothing major has happened to them in the last few decades Therefore it ll take more acceptance from the older generation It s takes the efforts of both generations to save the earth pala02 No i disagree youths today do care about the green movement Because of some youths you cannot stereotype every youth Youths do care about their earth For example myself i recycle paper switch off lights when not in use and not wasting water It will be surprising that many youths try their best to do their small parts to make a difference I was went i realised many of my friends do the same We as youths can do more if we spread the word and make others do the same Youth Towards Environment Youths nowadays do not understand the importance of caring for the environment Do you agree By themagicaltouch on 17 May 2010 Comment Like Report 24 Comments rockebird As the youth and the future of the world what are we doing to make sure that the earth will still be clean and green when we grow up Many teens are not aware of the impacts they may make which will harm the environment We crave for air con during warn weathers we keep the computer and other electronics turned on which waste power We as the youths and as individuals should make a stand and start going green rockebird I agree that most youths nowadays do not understand the importance of caring for the environment but only till a certain extent as the word of going green spreads throughout the world youths all around are doing what they can to save the earth ojh I agree with the statement as I observed most youths actions around me were harmful to our environment Such as littering and wasting electricity Even though they were educated and well aware of the effect of damaging the environment they still choose to ignore these facts and continue their actions of harming the environment This proved the failure in our education system As a result instead of just telling them the effect of keeping the environment clean we should send the message across through interesting activities In addition show them the consequences of not caring for the environment and let them experience the situation For example if we continue to use more electricity it may cause global

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