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    a lucky draw at the Nokia Christmas 09 Party and its thanks to Nokia Text100 for the lovely invite to the Pierside One Fullerton The phone functioned very well till 31st December 2009 Eve of the new year It literally died on me on my way to dinner I was relying heavily on Google Maps to guide myself to Dempsey Road when the phone froze and refused to start up after that I m pretty much horrified Because I didn t carry a spare phone with me I have no way of contacting my friends Big thanks to Neo for lending me his spare phone to tie me through the ordeal can t think of a better word to describe this experience Decided to find a way to fix this White Screen of Death problem To put it simply White Screen of Death WSOD is basically having your Nokia phone having a white screen and nothing happens after that What I am going to share here is a simple tip to recover your phone from WSOD I tried it and it worked else I won t be sharing it here with you Chanced upon the solution at Nokia s Support Discussion Forum So here are the steps to revive your bricked phone press and hold from the full kaypad the backsapce key space caps lock while holding these keys power on ur phone keep holding until the time zone selection is appeared It should work and revive your WSOD ed phone Oh yes note that all your data and settings in the phone memory will be erased But whatever s saved in the Mass Memory or your external memory card its safe I checked it and all my photographs and downloaded apps are still safe Alrightey may this tip come in handy if your Nokia Phone ever WSOD Nicole 22 Nov 2009 Unboxing the TouchSmart Author Nicole Category my life Tags HP tech Comments off Lookout for the video that will be appear on Gear65 Nicole 31 Oct 2009 Shoutout to HackerspaceSG Author Nicole Category my life Tags hackerspace shoutout tech Comments off Been hearing Justin mentioning all about Hackerspace and yes I am slow enough not to dig up and read up all about it Personally I feel that it would be really really cool for a place where ideas will hatch So to do my part I shall make this post a quick shout out for Hackerspace Singapore Taken from Justin s post What is Hackerspace Hackerspace in its fundamental essence is a place for people who love to explore experiment tinker around create and innovate to come together work on their cool ideas and show it off It is also a place where various communities can host their events gather to discuss and hang out after their events It would be lovely to have a place for Hackerspace Singapore to call HOME to where loads of cool stuff will happen What would be better than me just

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